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Human integrity is a fundamental thing that we lack in life. Why? Because she is unaware of us.


Mindsnapshot® is a creative and practical method aimed at realizing unconscious patterns of behavior. Through knowledge and subsequent conscious work, we achieve breakthrough changes in partner, interpersonal or business relationships.

The basis of the method is an image

Words are very limited to express our personality, so the basic tool of the whole method is working with a picture. Countless scientific studies of the decade show drawing as a unique combination of motor, sensory and emotional perceptions, which allow us to have a strong insight into ourselves and present our "I".



The group will give your image strength

Working in a group allows for very strong interaction, which speeds up your personal processes and allows you to achieve very fast and powerful change.

Group work is very suitable for team dynamics, especially when solving challenging strategic meetings or critical situations

Guide training is a very demanding process, which is based on intense self-awareness and depersonalization. It is the internal processes of the personal relationship of the guide to the picture that decide on his ability to consciously work with the picture within the coaching of the individual or group.


An impersonal guide is the key to success

The training lasts 2 years

The training of the guide with the picture begins with a 3-month intensive self-awareness seminar, during which the potential participant clarifies whether he wants to go on a trip. Those who decide to go further complete a 6-month program, which consists of a regular monthly working group, in which they deal with case studies of their own cases and, under the guidance of a senior guide, clear their personal perspectives. This is followed by another 3-month seminar, after which he attends a regular working group for 12 months and attends a weekend seminar every quarter. After two years, he receives accreditation if he meets its demanding conditions.

Do you want to become a guide?
Do you want to use the method for your own development?

Write to us, we will inform you about open seminars.

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