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We consider peace, living and healthy nature and sufficient water to be a natural human right.

MANIFESTO or what we stand for

We respect living nature and act in our work to benefit it. We learn to live in balance with the planet we live on, and we never act consciously to make a profit at its expense and at the expense of future generations.

We respect the life of the other and his free right to self-expression. His free right to a relationship with his homeland. His free right to choose.

We develop ourselves and seek the self-expression of our own uniqueness. We are moving towards our inner freedom, we are looking for the hidden patterns of our actions with courage and we appreciate the reflection that our surroundings bring us.

We develop our relationship with nature and perceive it as a partner on which we can rely.

This is a manifesto that we act on in our projects. Both in and out. Opportunity to profit never outweighs our values and principles.

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