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Years Together


Years we know


Eaten mammals and birds

We are people who create our own path. Closer to humans, freedom, and nature.


We believe in the potential that is hidden in each of us. We are happy when one opens it and finds the way to one's mission. Work is more than just creating value. It is a collaboration that can make life better.

We are known beyond the big pond

Years ago, together with Karel Janeček, we founded the investment fund and incubator UP21. One of our great successes was winning the European Startup World Cup final.


Thanks to our collaboration with US MAC, we were active in San Francisco, where we had our office. This cooperation has taught us many things and we have gained international experience.

Jan has been in the Social Labs working group "Responsible research and innovation" since 2019 within the European Commission's project "New Horizon".


Since 2018 we have been going our own way

We started again with a new mission

Three years ago, we sold our shares in UP21 and decided to go our own way. We started actively address the issue of climate change and the development of experiential learning methods with a focus on changing patterns in behavior and decision-making.


After moving to the countryside we saw a misunderstanding of the risks associated with the climate change and nature damage. We are working to change the situation.​

We perceive business as an approach to life. A form of work that allows the creation of new approaches, bringing new methods. We are not looking for such a simple mainstream, which will allow us to be drawn to higher profits. On the contrary, we are looking for ways to promote new things where the conventional approach is in place and we are looking for a new expression that will lead to better results. Both in terms of economic and in terms of natural human responsibility.


Life is more than just success and money

We support change

We have been fascinated by Africa, which is changing under the influence of developed economies. The continent is full of paradoxes leading to the heavy pollution and devastation of nature coming from ignorance or the desire for more profit. We support environmental education at a school in the village of Mbozi, Tanzania. Unfortunately, we haven't had a chance to visit in the last two years thanks to C19.

Do you have any idea how to join forces?

You have an idea and a desire to join forces. Write to us, we'll meet and see.

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